Hida no Sato, the Hida folk village, is an essential place to visit when you are in Takayama. More than 30 traditional buildings including thatched and shingled houses, shrines, sheds, and others are scattered around the hill. All could be entered and explored as you like. An elegant swan welcomes everyone at Goami Pond which is really attractive every season.

● Hours of Operation

⇒ 8:30-17:00    п@0577−34-4711
 lndividual ⇒ Adult ¥700  Child(Age Of 6〜15) ¥200
   Credit Card available  
● Getting Here

⇒ Getting Here: 10 minutes by bus from Takayama Bus Center
   ( Next to JR Takayama station ) or a 20-30 minute walk from the JR station.

● Facilities

⇒・ For Free  Wheelchairs, Electric wheelchairs, baby carriage (except winter)
          Rubber boots, umbrellas, and walking sticks

  ・ Pay lockers to keep your belongings


Every characterized house is moved from different parts of Hida region. All of them are kept in their original condition as well as National Important Folk Cultural assets. Various kinds of daily tools and articles are displayed inside each house, which makes it easy to imagine how the life was in old days. Fire lit in the “irori” (sunken hearths) every morning not only keeps the houses in good condition but also creates a peaceful atmosphere.


Artisans are working on traditional arts and crafts in several houses. Their great skills and techniques that have been cultivated over the years are worth seeing. There are Hida quilting, straw crafts, wood carving, weaving, making ceramics and making shingles for roofs. You might find something excellent for gifts and souvenirs.

(10:00-15:00,Subject to change.)


The panoramic view from Hida no Sato, across the town to the peaks of Japan Alps is quite fascinating. Just peep in the free telescope to get a closer look. There is also a walking path leading up to Mt.Matsukura, where a ruin of Matsukura castle (destroyed in 1585) still remains. You can also get a magnificent view from there. It's a 30- minute walk to the top.


Traditional events and seasonal festivals are held. It's worth to check what's on now to get more fun and excitement. Mostly you can take part in them to make unforgettable happy memories.

●Main Annual Events

Jan. - Feb.

. Winter Illumination, Setsubun (The day before the first day of spring ), Taste of Winter Life, Play with Snow, Grilled rice cakes & Pickles tasting

Mar. - Apr . Hina dolls' Festival
May - Jun. Boys' Festival, Rice Planting in Kurumada (the wheel shaped rice paddy), Special Fire Drill for Old Houses, Iris Festival
Jul. - Aug. Anniversary of the Foundation of Hida no Sato, Tanabata (The Star Festival) Decoration
Sep.- Oct. Rice Harvest in Kurumada, Special Exhibition, Autumn Illumination, Children's Traditional Performance
Nov.- Dec. Special Fire Drill for Old houses, Pickles Making, Christmas Illumination


< Hida Takayama Craft Experience Center > (飛騨高山思い出体験館)

Over 10 different Hands-On Activities are enjoyable without reservations. The center is in front of the village, open from 10 to 3:30 (except Thursday). You can get a discount if you show the ticket of Hida Folk Village.  ( Please make inquires for a group. )

(Show your ticket of Hida Folk Village to get a discount.)